Top 10 Best Rotary Washing Line Reviews In 2024

Best Rotary Washing Line Reviews

Last Updated on March 17, 2024

A rotary washing line is a wonderful space-saver that can dry a ton of clothes. But which one is the best for you? Let’s meet the top rotary lines and their best features to help you choose!

Our Top 3 Rotary Washing Line Picks
1. The Best Rotary Washing Line By Brabantia 60 meters
2. The Best 60-Meter Rotary line By Leifheit
The Best 40-Meter Rotary Line By Brabantia

The Best Rotary Washing Lines Available In 2024

1. The Best 60-Meter Rotary Washing Line By Brabantia

Best 60-Meter Rotary Washing Line By Brabantia

Are you looking for even more space? We’ve got you covered with this great rotary line that offers 60 meters of drying space.

The washing line structure has a simple lift system that is effortless to use and can be adjusted up to 197 cm. The arms also rotate smoothly so you can hang all the clothes while standing still – just pull the nearest arm closer to get to its free space!

You also get special holes on each arm. They are specially designed for hangers. Now you can hang all your delicate items without ruining them with pegs.

You can also protect your pegs with a weather-resistant peg bag with a hook, and a zip fastener. The zip fastener protects the dryer when it’s not in use. Finally, the rotary washing line comes with a guarantee of 5 years.


  • Comes with weather-resistant bag for your pegs.
  • Lots of space.
  • A long guarantee.


  • The anchor is good but it’s made of plastic. It might not be as durable as metal anchors.
  • Its height can only be adjusted to 197cm.

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2. The Best 60-Meter Rotary Line By Leifheit

The Best 50-Meter Rotary Line By Leifheit

There are plenty of brands and models that offer 60 meters of drying space. However, we picked this perky specimen as the best. Here’s why.

Crafted in Germany, the brand offers a 3-year guarantee for this quality rotary line. Besides giving good protection for buyers, they also make installation easy for you. The ground socket is designed to facilitate a fast and concrete installation.

It has a lovely drying space of 60 m and a strong washing lines capable of bearing 4 washing machine loads. The outermost lines measure 2.03 meters each and can hold sheets, tablecloths, and other large items.

You want more perks? The line withdrawal system keeps the lines clean and tangle-free when not in use. The pole is made of aluminium which makes moving it to a new spot very easy and besides being light, the material is also very durable and rust-resistant.


  • Very durable and do not allow dirt or moisture build-up.
  • Can easily be carried around because it is made of aluminium.
  • Rust-resistant.


  • Must be used in a large, spacious area.

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3. The Best Rotary Washing Line By Brabantia

The Best Rotary Washing Line By Brabantia

This stand earned our top spot because it offers a classic design that works well.

The 4 arms accommodate the laundry of a small to medium family. With the longest lines measuring 295 cm each, you can easily hang 4 double sized sheets on the outer rails.

The Brabantia Lift-O-Matic has a near-to-the-ground loading position with an outside line height of 129 cm. Taller people can increase the height up to 187 cm by making use of the spacers in the product’s ground socket. You also get clear instructions to securely fix the ground socket in place and also how to move it to a new place.

You need about 4 m of turning space to operate this rotary line and allow air to circulate and dry the laundry. Once you are ready to hang clothing, the arms are effortless to raise into their upward position. The self-withdrawing line retainer wraps up the arms when collapsed and protects them for future use.


  • The rotary line is very durable.
  • The ground socket is included.


  • Cannot be used in a very tiny space.
  • Not really suitable for families consisting of more than 3 people.

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4. The Best Weather-Proof Rotary Washing Line By Netta

Best Weather-Proof Rotary Washing Line By Netta

There is nothing worse than breaking your back doing laundry and then the weather gets nasty. The problem is not so much rain or wind (wind is great for drying!) but the fact that powerful winds and persistent moisture can ruin a washing line.

This rotary line has several features that keeps the pole and lines in top shape.

Offering 45 meters of space with 4 arms, the airer is made with heavy-duty steel and powder coated for ultimate weather protection. You can hang 4 loads of washing without fearing that it might bend the arms with too much weight as well.

Other great features include different line tensions, everything you need to install the rotary line, a free cover to protect it when not in use, and a year-long warranty


  • Ideal for large families.
  • Exceptionally durable and heavy-duty.
  • It comes with full installation kit and a water-resistant cover.


  • The guarantee is only 1 year.

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5. The Best 3-Arm Rotary Washing Line By OurHouse

Best 3-Arm Rotary Washing Line By OurHouse

In case you don’t want a wall-mounted airer and you only have a small garden or patio, then a 3-armed rotary washing line is the answer for you.

This particular one is extra sturdy, thanks to its installation kit and peg. It’s also weather and rust-resistant and can be adjusted to suit your own height (so you can hang your laundry with ease).

The rotary line offers 26 meters of drying space. Despite being smaller, you can still hang large sheets and other big items of laundry.


  • Suitable for smaller spaces.
  • Suitable for larger sheets and small items alike.


  • Not ideal for families with more than 3 people.

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6. The Best Portable Rotary Washing Line By JVL

Best Portable Rotary Washing Line By JVL

Love going on camping trips? Do you need a temporary solution to tide you over until you can get your broken garden washing line fixed? This portable airer is great for both situations.

The lightweight steel makes it easy to carry and use. The 3 arms offer 16 meters of drying space with lines that are PVC coated to keep your laundry clean and rust-free.

Once you are done, the rotary line is easy to wipe down and fold away.


  • Mobile.
  • Suitable for camping and smaller spaces.
  • Easy to carry, use, and store.


  • Not suitable for large laundry loads.
  • Might topple in rough weather.

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7. The Best Wall-Mounted Rotary Line By Brabantia

Best Wall-Mounted Rotary Line By Brabantia

Most pole-based rotary washing lines need space in the garden or a relatively big courtyard. But what if you only have a small space available? This wall-mounted rotary washing line offers all the benefits of a pole-based airer without the need for space!

You simply mount it on the wall and enjoy easy opening and closing, the rust-resistant lines, and the fact that it can hold an entire load of washing.

You also get the peace of mind of a 5-year guarantee.


  • Suitable for a balcony, courtyard, garden, or utility room.
  • It comes with a 5 years guarantee.


  • Limited to one washing machine load.
  • Not suitable for a household with more than 3 people.

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8. The Best User-Friendly Rotary Clothes Dryer By Brabantia

Best User-Friendly Rotary Clothes Dryer By Brabantia

Here’s another great – and easy to use – solution if you love a natural drying solution for your laundry. You can easily reach any of the four arms and also enjoy easy rotation.

The drying space measures 40 m and can be modified to allow 3 separate line positions to retain tension. The metal ground spike measures a sturdy 45 mm.

Overall, this rotary washing line is easy to install, open or close, and rotation is easy – which allows for faster drying when the day is windy!

You also get a 5-year guarantee.


  • Very durable and this is backed up by a 5-year guarantee.
  • Suitable for small, medium and large families.


  • Cannot carry as many laundry loads as other rotary lines.

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9. The Best 50-Meter Rotary Washing Line By Fude

Best 50-Meter Rotary Washing Line By Fude

The top choice for many people is a 50-meter rotary line because it offers enough hanging space for most families, regardless of size.

This is another great choice if you want the central pole to be made from strong steel. The four arms can also comfortably carry several loads of washing without an issue.

The lines are PVC coated to prevent rust and to keep your laundry clean. You also get a free protective cover and installation parts.


  • Heavy-duty and rust resistant..
  • Everything you need to install the airer is included.


  • No guarantee.

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10. The Best 40-Meter Rotary Washing Line By Leifheit

The Best 40-Meter Rotary Washing Line By Leifheit

Did you like the previous brand and rotary line but wish to have something a little smaller? No worries – Leifheit also has a 40-meter rotary line with great features.

While it does come with a shorter warranty (2 years), you can also look forward to easy installation and strong lines that can hold between 3 and 4 washing machine loads at a time.

The 40-meter drying space is ideal for a family of 4 and the outermost lines are also big enough for bed sheets and other big items.

Similar to the 50-meter model, you can also expect a tough (yet light) aluminum construction, rust-resistance, a line withdrawal system, and all the sockets you need for the installation.


  • Suitable to dry large and wide items like table cloths.
  • It has four hooks for hanging shirts.
  • The lines stay and clean as they withdraw inside the pole when collapsed.


  • Lightweight (may be rattled by strong winds).
  • Require a large space.
  • Being made of aluminium, it might bend easily.

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Benefits of Having a Rotary Clothesline

Let’s look at the great benefits of owning a rotary clothesline!

Benefits of Having a Rotary Clothesline

1. Saves Money

Tumble dryers consume a huge amount of electricity but rotary lines use nature – so you dry your laundry for free.

2. Protects the clothes

Dryers also damage fabrics. Line-dried laundry does not suffer from this type of heat damage.

3. No chemicals

Unlike dryers that cause static cling, drying your laundry using a rotary washing line makes use of the sun. Some people also believe that the sun is also a natural whitener that can naturally make stains fade away, even without the use of bleach.

4. It is safe

Drying your clothes on a line outside avoids accidents that can occur with a dryer including electrocution. In addition, anyone can use a rotary line safely while not everyone might understand how to safely operate a dryer.

Safety Precautions

To get the best out of your rotary clothesline, it is important you strive to observe the following safety precautions:

  • Before setting it up, ensure you take your time to read the user manual.
  • If you can’t set it up, call an expert for assistance.
  • Keep the airer clean; this will save your laundry from stains.
  • Don’t exceed a rotary line’s weight limit.
  • If your clothesline has a cover, ensure you make use of the cover when the clothesline is not in use.
  • Do not use lightweight airers in stormy areas.
  • Periodically check the ground socket to see if it’s still stable.

What to Consider Before Buying

1. Cost

Compared to other types of washing lines and tumble dryers, most rotary washing lines are very affordable, especially the smaller models and mobile versions. That being said, make sure that cheap rotary lines are not too flimsy!

2. Quantity of laundry

Rotary lines come with weight limits. Make sure that your laundry day needs do not outweigh this limit. In other words, if you do a lot of washing, a heavy-duty and large 4-arm airer is better than a smaller 3-arm or mobile airer.

3. Space

Most of the larger rotary lines need space. So you must consider how much space is available in your garden or courtyard before settling on a rotary line.

FAQ Section

Question: How do I make sure I buy quality rotary clothesline?

Answer: Only buy from a trusted seller that allow you to return the product if it’s damaged. You can also read customer reviews to see what other buyers experienced with a particular clothesline.

Question: What can I do with my rotary clothesline?

Answer: You can hang duvets, sheets, or any other kind of clothing on this type of clothesline.

Question: Should I repair my rotary clothesline myself if it gets damaged?

Answer: Some people are very handy and can fix their own clothesline. But it’s advisable to contact an expert to repair the rotary line if you are not sure how to fix it. This will save you time and ensure that your washing line is safe to use.

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