Top 10 Best Rotary Washing Line Reviews In 2021

This page was last updated on 1st May, 2021

Everyone needs a rotary washing line, fact. But how do you know which one to buy?

We have decided to take it upon ourselves to pull together the best rotary washing lines on the market and review them for you.

The below washing line reviews start out with a table for people who are in a hurry and just want to know which is the best product on the market. Below the table we go into detail and review each rotary airer separately.

Best Rotary Washing Line Reviews

Rotary Clotheslines Comparison Chart

The 10 Best Rotary Washing Lines Reviewed

This washing airer stands to be the best outdoor clothes airer available in the market now. Being the best washing line for a family with less than 4 people, the product comes with 4 lines on each of its sides, with its longest lines measuring 295cm each. It has the ability to easily hold a double sized sheet on each of the outer lines.

The Brabantia Lift-O-Matic rotary clothesline has a near-to-the-ground loading position with an outside line that has a height of 129cm. Irrespective of such height; taller people can easily increase the height up to 187mm by making use of spacers in the product’s ground socket. For best drying efficacy, this best rotary outdoor airer can wind up to maximum height with no difficulty.

This brabantia rotary washing line comes with a ground socket and also instructions on how to fix the socket concretely into a place. On the other hand, the product can be moved away from the ground socket with ease, and put in storage with a guaranty of 5 years.

Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Airer Washing Line

The product’s main stem perfectly fits into the ground socket, and has a measurement of 45mm in diameter. The turning circle of garden space of this product is 4m, and the arms can be raised from its subdued position for drying with no stress of any kind. As an amazing rotary line, it has a wonderful self-withdrawing line retainer that takes up the duty of wrapping up the arms when collapsed. This feature is present to help in keeping the product tidy for its subsequent uses.


  • The durability of a product is one of the major factors considered by potential buyers, and this product has got an amazing one.
  • The product comes with a ground socket, so, there won’t be any need to run around in search of a ground socket.


  • Users that are taller than 185cm may find it disturbing to increase the height of the product.
  • Also, this small rotary washing line with families more than 3 people may need to have more than just one; this is because the rotary airer is ideal for just 3 people at most.

Best rotary washing lines from Leifheit’s varieties make drying of laundries outside one’s rooms so easy. Produced in Germany with 3 years guaranty, the product comes with a ground socket for an easy, faster, and concrete installation. It offers a drying space of 50m, and a strong washing line that can accommodate over 4 washing machine loads.

According to the manufacturer of this product, they have the mission of producing similar products of different sizes that offer functions that will meet each household’s needs. This is why the product was designed to be particularly practical; each of the lines pulls back into the arms of the rotary airer when closed.

Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Washing Line 500 Deluxe – 50m

Its confirmed line withdrawal system helps in keeping the lines clean and tangle-free always. Also, your laundry will remain spotless always; this is because the lines are well-hidden around the arms of the rotating washing line.

This product is the best clothesline when it comes to being spacious; its outside lines measure 2.03m each. Each of the lines is long enough to hold tablecloths, sheets and other larger fabrics. Do not worry about carrying this product around; it is very light as it is made of aluminium. This product lasts very well, and you can easily lift the product in and out of the ground. The aluminium also makes it hard for oxidization and staining of clothes. Screw-in ground sockets can serve as optional fitments for lawns.


  • It is durable, and do not allow the building up of dirt or moisture.
  • It is can easily be carried in and out because it is made of aluminium.
  • It is made of aluminium which makes oxidization seem so impossible.


  • As it is spacious, it will need a spacious area too.

Our rotary clothes lines review presents you with another washing line from Leifheit’s varieties. This rotary clothes line makes it easy for clothes to dry outside one’s rooms. Manufactured in Germany with over 2 years guaranty, this amazing product does not come without a ground socket. The ground socket is for a faster, easy, and concrete installation. The airer offers a nice drying space which is 40m in measurement, and strong lines that can hold not more than 4 washing machine loads.

In our rotary dryers reviews, this product is seen as ideal for a family with more than 4 people because it is very spacious; each of its outer lines has a measurement of 2.03m. Each of the lines has the ability to hold sheets, tablecloths and other items wider in size. 

Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Washing Line 400 Deluxe – 40m

The clothesline is made of aluminium, so, it is very light and can be easily moved from one position to the other. This product’s durability is excellent. The aluminium construction also makes it hard for oxidization and staining of clothes. Screw-in ground sockets can also serve as alternative fitments for lawns.

The product is designed to be practical distinctively; each of the outer lines withdraws back into the arms of the rotary dryer when closed. Its proven line withdrawal system helps to keep the lines clean and tangle-free always. Also, your laundry will never be stained because the lines are buried within the arms of the best clothes airer.


  • The outer lines of this amazing product have the ability to hold wider fabrics.
  • It has four hooks for hanging shirts.
  • The outer lines are often tangle-free and clean as they are always withdrawn inside when collapsed.


  • The product is lightweight and may be easily disturbed by winds.
  • It will require a large space because of its spacious nature.
  • Being made of aluminium, it can easily bend.

The exceptional design of this 4 arm rotary washing line with crank handle allows you hang your laundry at a comfortable height of 165cm and drying space of 60m. The height can also be raised through a simple crank handle; this will help keep your longer laundries out of the reach of pets and kids. The handle also helps in raising your laundry higher, thus enhancing drying time.

This amazing product isn’t limited to just domestic uses; it can be used in hotels, community housing complexes, etc because it is robust in size.

Extra Large 4 Arm 60 Metre Rotary Washing Line with Hoist

You’re guaranteed many years of excellent service as you use this product, because it was produced from thick gauge steel. Even as a best heavy duty rotary washing line, it comes with a free water-resistant zipped bag and ground socket.


  • This 4 arm rotary airer is ideal for large families.
  • It can be used in several places.
  • It comes with a guaranty, free lockable ground socket, and a water-resistant cover.


  • The arms are not closed by the handle.
  • It can’t be used under adverse weather conditions.

The Essential Rotary WashingLineAirer is always ready to provide its users with a natural drying solution for their laundries. Produced by Brabantia, it comes with a drying space measuring 40m and a plastic ground tube of 35mm in measurement. It's umbrella system that ensures there will be no difficulty in putting up the lines or putting them down.

In addition to having a very well-built hanging loop that makes storage so easy while it’s not in use, it comes with special holes fitted in the arms for clothes hangers. This brabantia clothes line comes with 5 years guaranty.

Brabantia Essential Rotary Washing Line Airer and Concrete Anchor Tube, 40m – Silver


  • It comes with special holes meant for clothes hangers.
  • It also comes with a 5-year guaranty.


  • The plastic ground tube it comes with can easily break.

The Top-spinner Rotary Clothes Dryer is always prepared to provide a natural drying solution for your laundry.

Manufactured by Brabantia, it has a drying space of 40m and comes with a metal ground spike measuring 45mm. It has a modifiable umbrella system that enables 3 separate line positions to retain tension.

In addition to having a very strong hanging loop for a simple storage while the dryer is not in use, it rotates smoothly; thus this makes drying very fast. This brabantia rotary airer 40m also comes with a 5-year guaranty.

Brabantia Top-Spinner Rotary Clothes Dryer with 45mm Metal Ground Spike – 40m


  • This whirligig clothes dryer comes with a 5-year guaranty which certifies its durability.
  • It comes with a 45mm Metal Ground Spike.


  • It is not perfect for multiple washing machine loads.

Created to offer a helping hand, this is the best rotary dryer from Brabantia’s variety of laundry dryers. It has come into existence to proffer drying solutions to different households. This is the perfect dryer for households with little space or those that do not need a very big rotary dryer that will be blocking their views.

This brabantia rotary airer highlights a simple lift system for effortless operations, and its working height is adjustable up to 197cm. The arms of this dryer keep spinning smoothly while accommodating wet clothes, and there won’t be any need of walking around with your laundry basket. This product also has some special holes on all of the drying arms for hangers; so you can hang those delicate clothes of yours.

Brabantia Rotary Lift-O-Matic Advance Washing Line with 4 Arms – 60m

The brabantia rotary washing line comes with a concrete plastic anchor that is easy to place. The anchor comes with a closable lid so that you won’t have any obstacle to trip over. The brabantia clothes airer also comes with a weather-resistant peg bag with a hook, and a zip fastener. The zip fastener protects the dryer when it’s not in use. Finally, this 60m rotary washing line comes with a guaranty of 5 years from its manufacturer.


  • This brabantia 60m rotary airer comes with additional weather-resistant beg bag with hook.
  • It comes with a zip fastener that protects it when it’s not in use.
  • It also comes with a guaranty of 5 years from its producer; this means it lasts long.


  • It is not large to contain lots of clothes.
  • Its height can only be adjusted to 197cm.

The WallFix Retractable brabantia Washing Line is always ready to offer a natural drying solution for your laundry. Designed by Brabantia, it can be mounted on the wall, and doesn’t require much space.

In addition to being manufactured with corrosion-resistant resources, this heavy duty retractable brabantia washing lines comes with a guaranty of 5 years. The product has the ability of holding a complete washing machine load, with large washing being inclusive.

Brabantia WallFix Retractable Washing Line with Fabric Cover, 24m – Silver

It comes with a one-handed single movement that aids its opening and closing. Certainly, this is an amazing product for a family of not more than 3 people.


  • It doesn’t require a large space; it can be mounted on the wall of your balcony, courtyard, garden, or utility room.
  • It comes with a 5 years guaranty of reliable service.


  • It may not hold more than one washing machine load.
  • As it may not hold many laundries, it is not perfect for a family of more than 3 people.

In our rotary clothesline reviews, this washing line stands to be one of the best whirligig washing line UK. It has about 6 lines on every single side, with each longest line by each side measuring 205cm; being able to hold a double sized sheet easily on the outside line. It is perfect for a family of 2 to 3 people.

This Hills washing lines has a low loading position, with an outer line of about 185cm in height, and can be increased up to 200mm more with the use of spacers in the ground socket. This is definitely for people taller than 185cm. For maximum drying effectiveness, this hills rotary clothesline can easily wind up to a height of 40cm.

This product comes with its ground socket and instructions on how to concrete the socket into a place.

Hills Hoist 6 Premium Rotary Washing Line – Forest Glade Green

However, this hills rotary washing line can be taken away from its ground socket and put in storage with 10 years guaranty. The main stem fits into its ground socket. Measuring 57mm in diameter, its turning circle garden space is only 4m. Raising the arms from its collapsed position for drying is so hassle-free.

The product has a self-withdrawing line retainer that enfolds the arms when collapsed; this feature helps in keeping the product neat for its subsequent uses.


  • The product has the ability to hold a double sized sheet on its outer line without any stress.
  • It can last longer when taken away from its ground socket, up to 10 years.


  • If you are taller than 185cm, you will need to increase its height.
  • Also, it’s not ideal for a family with more than 3 people.

Among all the whirligig washing lines in our clothesline reviews, this product stands to be the best. For households with large families, this washing line is the perfect choice for professional use.

With a hanging space of 60 metres, the 3 arm rotary washing line can hold a king sized sheets and duvets without any of them being folded. And this hastens up the drying time significantly.

For easy and comfortable loading, the handle of this product allows its users to lower the height to a height of 1.63m, and it can as well be extended to 1.96m in height.

Extra Large 3 Arm 60 Metre Rotary Washing Line with Hoist

The center pole measures 50mm and is made of galvanised powder coated steel. This product also comes with a hook for clothes hangers at the end of each of the arms. Although it was designed for both domestic uses, it can be used in hotels, community housing complexes, etc.


  • The use of this product is not limited to domestic use only.
  • Each arm is attached to the center rod by bolts, nuts, and metal arm brackets instead of plastic brackets.
  • It is among the best washing line that can hold king sized duvets and sheets.
  • It comes with a free ground socket and cover.


  • This product can’t be used in adverse weather conditions.
  • It is robust and requires a large space.


From our best rotary airers reviews, we have seen lots of important features possessed by these amazing rotary clotheslines. Our best pick should possess all of the important features, and that makes Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Washing Line 500 Deluxe – 50m our best pick. It is not heavy because it’s made of aluminium, it is spacious to serve a larger family, it doesn’t allow dirts and moisture to build up, and it lasts so long.

Benefits of Having a Rotary Clothesline

Who doesn’t love technology? Every one of us does, I especially love the ways technology enhances and has kept enhancing our lives. However, there is something so relaxing about having our line-dried. I love hanging out my laundries under the sun and watching them flap and shine. Below are some benefits of having a rotary clothesline:

1. Saves Money

Dryers consume a huge amount of electricity; they consume more amount of energy than any other home appliance. On the other hand, rotary clothes lines don’t consume any electricity, so, they save a lot of bucks for their users.

2. Protects the clothes

Perhaps you have not noticed, but the truth remains that dryers make people’s clothes softer. They also make fabric’s fibers weaker than they would have been if they were line-dried. So, if you want your quality clothes last longer, a rotary lines should be your option.

3. No use of chemicals

Unlike dryers that cause static cling, drying your laundry using a rotary washing line makes use of the sun. Some people also believe that the sun is also a natural whitener that can naturally make stains fade away, even without the use of bleach.

4. It is safe

Finally, another benefit of having a rotary washing line is that it isn’t harmful. Using an electric dryer may cause electrocution, but you can never be electrocuted just because you’re drying your clothes under the sun. Unlike other household appliances that may be hazardous, this product is safe and can be used by anyone.

Safety Precautions

To get the best out of your rotary clothesline, it is important you strive to observe the following safety precautions:

  • Before setting it up for use, ensure you take your time to read the user Manual.
  • If you can’t set it up, you can call a recommended expert for his/her assistance.
  • Endeavour to clean your rotary clothes airer if you notice the presence of moisture or dirty; this will save your laundry from being stained.
  • For rotary washing lines that have a specific weight of laundries they can hold, please ensure you stick to that weight.
  • If your clothesline has its cover, ensure you make use of the cover when the clothesline is not in use.
  • If you are warned not to use yours under adverse weather conditions, please ensure you stick to such warning.
  • Always check the ground socket to know if it is loosened.
  • Finally, do not joke with your rotary washing line like it’s a piece of crap

What to Consider Before Buying

If you have not possibly come across some rotary dryers reviews, you can easily scroll up and read our best rotary airers reviews. But if you have gone through our honest rotary clothes airers reviews, below are few factors to consider:

1. Cost

No matter the amount of likeness you have for a product, if you can’t afford to pay for it, you will not have it. So, while stepping out to get that rotary clothesline of your choice, ensure you compare its price with the prices of others. Do not forget there are clotheslines that come with exciting features you’ll like.

2. Quantity of laundry

You must consider the amount of laundry you may be performing daily; this will help you go for the right outdoor washing line. If you don’t wash few clothes daily, then a heavy duty washing line is an option for you.

3. Space

You must consider how large or small the space you have in your home is. If you go for a spacious rotary airer while there’s a little space, you’ll have issues setting it up.

FAQ Section

Question: How do I make sure I buy quality rotary clothesline?

Answer: Make sure you buy your rotary clothesline only from a trusted vendor. Before you make the final payments, do a check on the product you're paying for. Look if there is any sign of damage on the product. If there’s none, go ahead and complete your transaction. Also, remember to read our honest rotary clothesline reviews.

Question: What can I do with my rotary clothesline?

Answer: Rotary clotheslines are used to hold laundries while they get dried. You can hang duvets, sheets, or any other kind of clothing.

Question: Should I repair my rotary clothesline myself if it gets damaged?

Answer: It is not advisable you carry out repairs on your rotary clothesline by yourself, but if you’re certified to do so, you can do it. Also, if the damage is minor and can easily be handled by a novice, you can carry out the repair. Apart from that, you must call an expert whenever your rotary clothesline damages.